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In the development of water-cooled combustion burner BioJet, Ariterm has used the best available information and knowledge of research and users.

BioJet is intended mainly for wood pellets, but also works efficiently with briquettes and wood chips. This has been tested in the center VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and is below the limits more stringent emission current (EN303-5):

Coefficient of efficiency of 90% CO (carbon monoxide) 150 mg/Nm3 30 mg/Nm3 particles, hydrocarbons OGC 1 mg/Nm3

The grill cast iron burner BioJet is very durable and long lasting. The cooling water in the casing, constant temperature between heating and rest periods. The ceramic combustion chamber raises the flame temperature to 1100 ° C. Fans are separated, and the primary and secondary air allow optimum air distribution and precise, making the lower coefficient of air (less than 1.4) and the combustion gases to burn cleanly with a minimum emissions.

The system also works perfectly with partial load. The useful power range is 20-100%. For example, a 300 kW biomass boiler Arimax, fed with pellets, its yield is 90% at rated power, and 85% at partial power. Only burners BioJet 700 and 1000 are equipped with three fans combustion air. The burner can be equipped with automatic ignition.