Burners HakeJet Buy

Burners HakeJet of ARITERM, are designed primarily for burning wood chips. At the open, the semicircle that forms the casing is constructed from cast iron, this means that the burner grate is very durable and long lasting. To have a ceramic combustion chamber, the flame temperature can rise to very high temperatures, thus resulting in a very clean combustion.

The burner can be equipped with a hot air blower, driven automatic ignition.

The burner HakeJet inserted almost everything in the fire chamber of the boiler, which saves space in the boiler room. This can be essential when renewing the heating system in existing buildings.

HakeJet burner is excellent for farming, forestry and other rural sites with good availability of biomass.

HakeJet supports Arimax biomass boilers and power systems. The maximum recommended moisture of the wood is 40%.