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The biomass burner Ariterm Multijet is designed to use different types of biofuels. The burner is able to use wood chips of varying quality, wood, peat pellets, peat and various fuels field.

The multijet burner grill is completely mobile and this allows the fuel mix efficiently on its surface. The grid provides mobile falling ash into the ash compartment. This is especially useful when using fuel that produces a lot of ash.

The grid was commanded by a spindle motor or, in the case of large burners (500-1500 kW), hydraulic.

The burner is equipped with two combustion air fans. THESE are commanded from the control center ensures that the mixture ratio of air and fuel is optimal at all power levels. Burners with capacities of 200-1500 kW power than is possible commanded them to different levels of combustion air to the front and back of the grid based on power running. This gets a clean burning, high efficiency at all times.

The structure and material of the burner are designed to take into account the demanding conditions facing at all times.

Multijet burners are between 40-500 kW power are equipped with a vissenfí that feeds the burner. Greater power burners, 700-1500 kW, equipped with two parallel vissensfí allowing more fuel distribution. The burners require two vissensfí, depending on the location of the fuel and fuel storage, a separate screw divisive for the transfer of fuel from the screw silo / storage to both the burner screws.