Caldera Arimax Bio 120-3.000 kW Buy

ARIMAX BIO 120-3000 KW

There are two series of the Ariterm bio-fuel boilers up to 3000 kW, which can be combined with Ariterm burners but also other types of combustion equipment.

Bio boiler 120-3000 Kw Boiler 4 bar with large combustion chamber, which gives high heating efficiency. Vertical convection unit to gather ashes in the base of the boiler, from where they are easily removed by ash screw or ash suction. Panels for side or top soot sweeping, dependent on ceiling height. Pressure air sweeping, which reduces maintenance costs and improves operational economy

The need for hot water varies depending on the building. Therefore, Bio Arimax 120-3000 kW boilers can be equipped with internal heat exchanger, more suited to the needs of each client. The advantage of the heat exchanger compared to the traditional spiral heat exchanger is its ability significantly better heat transfer and the ability to assemble later.