Forest biomass in Catalonia

According to the Land Cover Map of Catalonia (produced in 2005), in Catalonia, covering an area of more than 3 million hectares, has a forest area of 2,036,574 ha (63% of total) and of these, 1,319,411 ha are forests. This means that the forests or forest surface represent 41% of the total area of Catalonia. An important part of these forests are subexplotats due to the abandonment being given to forests caused by the lack of profitability of forestry. Thus, we can say that there is a significant accumulation of biomass in the whole of Catalonia.

Compared to the last two National Forest Inventories (IFN2 - made ​​in Catalonia in 1990 and IFN3 - made ​​in Catalonia in 2001) get that at home there is a 23% increase in the volume of wood and bark estimated that the biomass accumulation is nearly 2 million m3 per year.