Mission and Philosophy


The mission of the company is to provide a service and excellent product to the customer, that there is agreement with the needs of reduction of costs and the contribution to the improvement of the broadcasts of gases invernadero. That is to say do save and be sustainable.


The vision of the company is the transferens of technology of avanguardia to a sector that even this in

the initial phase of his development. We have to apply knowledge and technical and organisational solutions to a sector with a lot of development experimental and archaic operation.


The values that require the behaviour of the company SERVEIS TÈCNICS ENERFUST S.L and his employees are:  

  • EXCELLENCE: Research of the continuous improvement as to quality estandard.  
  • QUALITY: In all the fields of each one of the services that realise.  
  • JUSTICE: To our personnel, so much in the deal as in the allocation of activities to realise, depending on the capacity of each one of them.  
  • INNOVATION: Continus of our strategy and of our methods of work. Also in the products and services that offer.  
  • PUNTUALIDAD: So much in the services realised as in the delivery of the tranajos requested for our customers.  
  • COHERENCE:  Between what engage us with our customer and what effect with the work.
  • COMMUNICATION: Constante and effective, between all the members that form part of the company, as well as with our providers and customers.
  • CONFIDENCE: In that we will realise our tascas of the best way, with the purpose to satisfy to each one of our customers.  
  • COMMITMENT: With our customers, with the society and with the environment, when respecting all the norms established for his conservation and sustainability.