The company SERVEIS TÈCNICS ENERFUST S.L. It provides all a fan of energetic services  to the different economic sectors in the zone of Catalonia.

The company has evolved give of the company origen. ENERFUST XXI. This is a forest agent leader  in the market of Catalonia that operates a business that produces more than 30.000 tn of astilla wooden every year.

Catalonia is a region with an important number of areas boscosas i with a big surface of highland climate where originates  a big need of heating, mainly in the sector hotelero. Also it is a zone of important industrial activity with a name significant of companies that need requests of heat for his processes of manufacture and can be covered with forest biomass.

SERVEIS TÈCNICS ENERFUST S.L. Has the human resources and technicians and the know-how necessary to advise the company of biomass, design the best options, implant the solutions chosen, fund the installations and equipments and ensure the supply of fuel. Our main aim is to contribute to the saving of the business costs and boost the development of the biomass in the ambito of Catalonia. These two mainstays allow to our customers be more competitive in cost, will independent of the captividad of the markets of the fuels fóssiles and podran integrate facilmente in his politics the improvement of the environmental impact.

The narrow contact with the consumers that already estan using boilers of biomass, our technical professionals experts and the security with that we can guarantee the first matter during a long period of time through ENERFUST XXI, They are the pillars of our new stage.

At present we guarantee the astillas wooden and are trading companies of pellets.

Our aim is to offer to our customers key projects in hand funding the installations and acting like Company of Services Energetic. As such choose the best equipments in the different bands of power by his reliability and performance.

In SERVEIS TÈCNICS ENERFUST S.L. we know the operation and the evolution of the market energetic. From this knowledge can inform and advise to our customers on cual is the best energetic option for his company.

To optimise the companies his energetic consumption in the first place is necessary to look for the saving. Second the eficiens.

The eficient energetic is the base in the gestión of the company to be able to optimise to the maximum his energetic consumption. To reach this aim it is necessary to carry a study on the available energetic sources and used, the prices applied, the alternatives according to the market and change attitudes, habits and processes.

Therefore, to resolve the need current of the companies and the different administrations afterwards to establish the initial contact where detect  the requirements It possesses some aims and draws  the leaf of route to carry them. In these processes have the following tools.

  • Advice to choose the best energetic prices
  • Design of processes of saving
  • Auditorias Energetic
  • Design of energetic installations industry and administration  
  • Directions of work
  • Energetic certifications of buildings
  • Projects of energetic installations of gas, heating and electricity
  • Legalisations of installations
  • Auto-production of energy: Photovoltaic, Microcogeneratión.
  • Biomass
  • Solar Thermal energy