We have one expands gama of stoves of biomass, basing us in the premises of with regard to the medium ambient, high benefits, quality and design. The design is very variable for such adapt to each house in function of his needs.


With boilers ARITERM put the product together with a refined technique and operation, as seen in thousands of homes. Advanced technology, economic, comfortable and environmentally friendly.


We have of different models of burners with one expands gama of powers, since 40 until 1500 kW.

Systm. of diet of biomass

To Technical Services Enerfust have of expands experience in systems of diet of fuel, like this then, study the best system of possible diet in each case and in this way supply to the source of diet the quantity of ideal fuel.


Since Technical Services Enerfust center us in offering the best storage of possible fuel, from a big experience, inform to the customer of the possible solutions for the correct dimensioning of the storage, as well as the method of transport. 

Like this then, we offer different solutions of storage, for sitja textile or of work. Of suitable dimensions in each case and guaranteeing his estanqueïtat, to avoid the entry of humidity and like this have always of a fuel of quality.

The utilisation of a sitja textile or of work can depend of the characteristic of the room of boilers.

In the case of that the boiler and the sitja find  next, the system of ideal transport would be by means of vissensfí. In other cases in those that this distance was greater, the system of suitable transport would be the one of suck pneumatic.