Technical Office

Energy certificates

Due to the entry into force of Royal Decree RD47/2007 and CTE Technical Services develops projects ENERFUST energy certification of buildings. By using modeling software and requires building LEADER according to law.

Royal Decree 47/2007 requires that all new buildings, whose energy efficiency label. This tag is divided into two stages: the planning stage for building and finishing.

For this, we use the model building software CALENER and we get the energy rating of the building in the project executive stage and repeat it during final construction.

ENERFUST Technical Services has technicians in these programs to get the label and it may propose changes to the building and its facilities in order to have a building with a high energy rating.

Once the qualification we offer the customer the ability to perform the necessary procedures for entry in the register of energy certification of buildings in Catalonia or ICAEN for each Autonomous Community.


ENERFUST projects and technical services legalize all types of energy facilities • Facilities:

    Biomass Facilities
    Electrical Installations
    Heating installations
    Installations of air conditioning and ventilation
    Gas Facilities
    Installations of solar energy
    Self-energy production: Photovoltaics and Microcogeneration

We study for each specific project, seeking the best solution according to the needs of each client.

Construction Management

When doing a project executive we recommended technical direction of facilities , in order to avoid errors in the implementation process, ensure the quality of the work and to address possible contingencies during execution of the installation.

The project management is the way to certify that the work is running according to the project or, alternatively, in accordance with the resolutions that project management is determined during the execution of the work.

Our experience in management and project management ensures that the client has always personalized advice and also allows decisions can be agile and flexible throughout the process of the project as needed.